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Ponding water accelerates the degradation of many materials – if left untreated, more critical issues could arise.

“Ponding” adds more weight to the roof deck over time which compromises the structural integrity of the deck. Also, the stagnant water at the ponding site can lead to the development of plant life and accumulation of debris that can cause damage to your roof membrane and/or your drainage systems (which causes more ponding).

Over time, continuous ponding will significantly reduce the life of your roof. Allowing even a small amount of moisture beneath the roof membrane reduces the efficiency of the insulation. Moisture intrusion can cause serious damage to the deck, insulation and membrane as well as the building’s interior.

With the design of an appropriate roofing system, seamless installation and regular maintenance – these issues can often be prevented.

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    • Accumulation of rain, snow or runoff from rooftop equipment.

    • Inadequate roof slope design.

    • Improper drainage systems.
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